Supporters of The Dear Boobs Project

Naturalwear is the EXCLUSIVE MAJOR SPONSOR of The Dear Boobs Project, and clearly, for those who have personal experience with breast cancer here in NZ, we are the perfect 'fit' for each other. Naturalwear have offered the project significant funding towards the goal of 1000 books shared, and also their expertise in many areas to support progress and grow the Dear Boobs vision. 

Naturalwear is New Zealand’s specialist provider of Post Mastectomy Breastcare products, and provider for the Ministry of Health Breast Prosthesis Government Subsidy. They offer world class products, alongside a skilled fitting service to ensure the best outcome for anyone seeking to find bras, prostheses or swimwear to compliment their new post op boobs and body. Naturalwear fitters have extensive experience and offer a professional and personalised fitting service which is now available across the whole of NZ!

More 'Dear Boobs' Supporters

The Dear Boobs book features my personal recommendations, of the businesses and organisations that I came across during my treatment and recovery. They each provide products and services that support the whole person. Every of them focuses on slightly different but complimentary aspects of health, that address wellness in all three of its forms; physical, emotional and spiritual. They gave generously to the project, and trusted my vision, for which I am so grateful. 


My local breast cancer support organisation

Here in my home town, those with a breast cancer diagnosis are extremely privileged to have the wonderful Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust to reach out to if they need a hand. The team here have thought of everything. From lunch groups, mindfulness courses, catch up phonecalls, counselling, massage and library books, to walking groups, meals, and a helping hand for those financially disadvantaged during treatment. Not to mention, often the most valuable gift after diagnosis, a skilled and compassionate listening ear. 
This is my shout out the Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga, for their ongoing support with my health related struggles, and now their awesome support with my project! 

Proudly sponsored by New Zealand's own Breast Cancer Foundation


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