The Dear Boobs Project in the media

May 2018: Indulge Magazine, Bay of Plenty Times

"Dear Boobs: 

Women write letter to their breasts"

October 2017: New Zealand Women's Day

"Thanks for the mammaries! 

....Why I write to my boobs"

October 2017: Focus Magazine

"Dear boobs letters, helping to heal"

September/October 2017: M2Women (NZ)

"The 3 little words that change your life"

October 2017: Daily Mail Australia

"Woman, 37, who underwent 14 rounds of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy after breast cancer diagnosis starts writing letters to her wobbly womanly body parts"

September 2017: Steroplast Healthcare Guest Blog 

"50 Dear Boobs letters"

October 2017: Villainesse

"Ever considered writing letters to your boobs?"

November 2017: Whole Lotta Life Foundation Guest Blog

"My Dear Boobs Project"

(photo credit Women's Day NZ)


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