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The Dear Boobs Story

Why should I buy the Dear Boobs book?

You will not be disappointed to join with 100 women as they have important conversations with their boobs. For those of you who have had experience with breast cancer, Dear Boobs I believe offers healing that comes with being part of a sisterhood of shared experiences. For those without personal experience of breast cancer surgery, or a BRCA genetic diagnosis, Dear Boobs’ intimate stories will support a deeper understanding of your own relationship with your wonderful boobs. And that, it really does matter.


What is The Dear Boobs Project?

The project began in May 2017, on the day I completed my own treatment for breast cancer. I wanted to create a book of boob wisdom and share it with the waiting rooms I had sat in. I wanted to start some conversations about the aspects of the experience that weren’t shared often enough. So, the project to gather boob wisdom from around the world, and to raise the funds to create, print and distribute 1000 copies of a bold and beautiful Dear Boobs book, began. Now, here we are, 1000 copies of Dear Boobs have been shared and due to popular request, the Dear Boobs book is now available to you to purchase.


Did you really raise enough money to create, print, and share 1000 Dear Boobs books around the world?

Yep I did. Due to the generosity of sponsors, supporters, family, and friends, the funds raised covered the costs of creating and sharing 1000 copies of Dear Boobs around NZ and the world. Also, for every Dear Boobs book sold, a contribution goes to sharing books with even more locations worldwide. If you have an idea about a place a Dear Boobs book feel free to contact me to tell me about it.

Who are the 1000 Dear Boobs beneficiaries?

The majority of the 1000 copies were shared within New Zealand. With around 50 books heading to overseas locations in the UK, USA, the Pacific, and Australia. I hope more will follow overseas in the future. Most of the books are resting in waiting rooms, clinics, staff rooms, and workplaces. The Dear Boobs book itself lists 100 of the locations at the rear so you can see some of the places it is currently sharing its boob wisdom. If you want to nominate a location for a Dear Boobs book to go in the future, please connect with me on socials or by email

Will I need a box of tissues on hand when I read the Dear Boobs book?

You may. This book contains intimate conversations straight from the heart, about wobbly parts that it is no coincidence, cover the heart.


Will Dear Boobs make me smile?

It will. This book contains lots of humour among its wisdom and sharing. There is joy in releasing these letters to paper, and you will feel it as you read. 


Will the Dear Boobs book help me to remember to check my boobs for changes each month after my period?

I hope so. One in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. It is likely that you know of someone affected, perhaps also someone that has passed away due to breast cancer. Checking your breasts can help with early detection, and therefore early treatment for the disease.

How do I check my boobs? Click here

Would Dear Boobs make a good gift?

I think that it would be a wonderful heartfelt gift. Dear Boobs is a thoughtful and precious collection of letters suitable for everyone. For mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunties, friends and colleagues. Really, for anyone who has, or knows someone with boobs. Breast cancer or not, as women I feel it is essential that among our sisterhoods we start conversations that help to inspire healing and wellness. It is a book that is empowering and enlightening, and a wonderful conversation starter for your coffee table.


Does any of my money go to a good cause?

Every book sold contributes to sharing boob wisdom with more locations in the world.


Is Dear Boobs a New Zealand version?

This is a worldwide version! Boobs are boobs, whatever part of the planet you are on. The Dear Boobs letters are from women all over the globe, from New Zealand to Spain, from South Africa to the USA and others in between. This is a version for you. 


What happens now for The Dear Boobs Project?

The project will continue to share boob wisdom around the globe. There will be ongoing distribution of free copies of the Dear Boobs book, and through the power of social media efforts will continue to be sure the wisdom and inspiration reaches everyone with boobs!

I want to be kept up to date with the next project!


I need to follow your socials! Give me the links!

Dear Boobs Availability

What does pre-order and pre-sales mean?

Pre-order and pre-sales means that you are able to order and pay for your Dear Boobs book nice and early! You are ahead of the game. Dear Boobs is launched officially as the 1000 books are distributed, early October, and then your pre-ordered book will be ready to head to you! No more waiting.  


When will I receive my pre-ordered Dear Boobs book?

It will be posted to you very soon after the Dear Boobs launch event on the 2nd October.

Is Dear Boobs available to purchase anywhere other than this website?

If you are a public library in NZ or Australia you can purchase Dear Boobs through Wheelers otherwise right here is your best option. 

More options coming soon!


Are there a limited number of Dear Boobs books available?

Yes! At this stage there were 1000 copies specially to share for free to fulfill The Dear Boobs Project's wisdom sharing pledge. There are approximately the same number from which you can purchase your own! I'd hope that means no one misses out. At this stage there are no plans for a reprint but if you are in the business, and want to talk about that, I’d be excited to! 😉 

Can I buy Dear Boobs on Amazon or Book Depository?

Not yet! I’m a one women band without any experience at this ‘book distribution’ thing. It may in time be available on the sites that other awesome books are, but not quite yet.

Is there an audiobook of Dear Boobs?

Not yet. During chemotherapy I had awful vertigo and struggled to read at all, so making an audio version of Dear Boobs is a task close to my heart. I hope I can make progress in doing this in the not so distant future.

Is there a Kindle version of Dear Boobs?

Thanks for asking, and for the enthusiasm of this boob wisdom sharing adventure! Not yet, but there may be, who knows! 

Purchase and Payment

Can I pay for my Dear Boobs book in any other way than by credit card?

Sorry no PayPal, direct credit or bitcoins! Maybe you have a kind friend who might purchase on your behalf on their credit card? If you are local to Tauranga, New Zealand there are some opportunities coming up where you can purchase directly. Keep an eye on the social media pages for details.


I don’t live in New Zealand (I probably would like to!) but I still want to buy a copy of Dear Boobs, how do I get one?

You can! If you are in the UK, USA or Australia you can purchase online and ship right to your door. There are a very limited number of Dear Boobs books in the UK, so the shipping is cheaper for a limited time for books heading to the UK, until they run out and I will be shipping them from NZ. If you are elsewhere in the world and neeeeeeeed to be part of the sharing of boob wisdom, just contact me by email and I’ll check out some individual postage costs for you.


My coupon is not working! Can you help?

Are you using the capitals correctly? Did you know that only one discount can be applied to any shopping cart at any one time. If it is still not working, please send me an email with your coupon code and I can take a look. 

How does buying Dear Boobs help others?

Every book sold contributed to sharing boob wisdom with more locations in the world. 


Is there a discount if I buy several Dear Boobs books?

One for you and one to share is a wonderful idea and supports the whole intention of the project to share boob wisdom and inspire others. For any order of more than 1 copy of the book on the shop page you can use the discount coupon MOREBOOBS10OFF to receive $10 NZD discount at the checkout. You have a very lucky friend!

If you want to purchase more than 6 copies of Dear Boobs in one order it is better that I suss out the more cost effective method of shipping so please contact me  by email


I’ve ordered one copy of Dear Boobs, but I’d really like to but another one to gift to a friend! Can I do this?

Absolutely. You can order up to 6 Dear Boobs books going to one address on the shop page right now. If purchasing from overseas it is cheaper to post several books in one package. So, you might want to check around your friends and family and order together if possible, and split the shipping costs between you too. If you want the books posted to different addresses you will have to order separately at this stage though.  

I’d really like to make Dear Boobs available to my clients/customers, they have boobs too. How can I do that?

Perfect. Of course your customers will benefit from reading Dear Boobs! Boobs wisdom shared really can make a difference. If you are looking to purchase in quantities larger than 6 for your clients or customers, please send me an email with the details. 

I am ordering several Dear Boobs books for all the people in my family with boobs! Can I get a reduced shipping cost?

You are lucky that if you are in New Zealand shipping the books if free for you so simply order on the shop page and the books will arrive! If you are purchasing more than 1 book for overseas shipping you will see the cost for shipping additional books is cheaper. If you want to purchase more than 6 books, please email me and we can work out the more cost efficient way to do this. 


I want to purchase a book to gift to someone, and to send the them directly, can I do this?

You can, simply tick the 'is this a gift' box when you go through to the checkout details page and you will be given the option to add the address of your gift recipient and then your own billing address too. Thank you for sharing the boob wisdom so generously, and exactly how I intended. If you want more than one book and different shipping addresses unfortunately you will have to order them separately. 


How do I make a wholesale order for sharing with public, charity, and school resource libraries, workplaces, and others in need of Boob wisdom!?

Contact me by email with your requirements, wholesale prices are available for larger quantities to help to make sure world domination of boob wisdom keeps progressing and inspiring and healing others! 

What currency is the website using?

It is in NZ dollars. Check out the product page where there is a 'converter' to show you what the cost converts to in the currencies of the shipping destinations. The checkout will use NZD for the purchase and shipping costs and payments will be taken in NZD.

What does the Dear Boobs book cost in my currency?

Check out the online currency converter for the places Dear Boobs ships to on each product on the shop page.

Shipping and Delivery

New Zealand

What does shipping cost in NZ for one or more Dear Boobs books?

For a limited time, shipping in NZ is FREE! I really want to get the boob wisdom out there and make it as accessible as possible to you and to everyone. I’ll say it again, any number of books in NZ is free shipping! Woohoo!


How can I track my Dear Boobs book order?

Simply follow the link that was sent you in the email with the courier details and you will be able to see where your parcel is and how long you might need to wait to read the Dear Boobs wisdom! I know, it’s hard to be patient when it is so exciting!

How long will my book take to arrive? I can’t wait to read it!

Once your order has been placed it is likely to take around 4-5 working days to arrive. I am personally packing and sending the orders, so I will try my best to get it to you as soon as I possibly can. I know you are super excited to read it!

The awesome couriers I am using aim for a weekday overnight service if you are not rural in NZ! For those rural addresses, expect 2-3 days once with your book is with the courier.

Can you post to a PO Box or Private Box?

No sorry. We can only ship to a street address. 

Worldwide (USA, UK, Australia)

How is shipping calculated?

For the UK there are a limited number of Dear Boobs books available to be shipped at UK rates around the county. So, get in quick to get yours if you are UK based. After they have gone, the shipping cost to the UK will be considerably more given the books will be travelling from the other side of the world.

Shipping for Australia and the USA is calculated on weight and dimensions and is expected to take 8-14 days to arrive with you from when you place the order. Books additional to one will cost less to add to the parcel for shipping, so why not get some friends together and order a handful?

Why does shipping overseas cost so much?! Is it worth it?

The costs on the website are subsidised to make them more accessible to most, but I realise they are still expensive. Shipping a hardback book in small quantities is not cheap - by any method. I hope you feel the cost is worth it when you receive your book, I truly believe you will! Why not team up with friends to purchase more than one copy, making the shipping cheaper?


Are there any duties to pay?

I don’t know. That is for you to check out. I can’t be responsible for import fees, duties, tariffs, taxes or other import charges which may be payable in other countries. They all differ, and I am unable to include them in the cost calculations. 

What carriers do you use?

NZ couriers have supported the project right from the beginning and have provided a reduced rate for the distribution of the 1000 pledged copies of Dear Boobs. They are also the carrier, in most cases, for the Dear Boobs books that you purchase. 

Can I combine my order with a friend to make shipping overseas cheaper?

Absolutely. Great idea. Boob wisdom shared, really can make a difference!


How can I track my order?

Simple follow the link that was sent you in the email with the courier details on it and you will be able to see where your parcel is and how long to wait to read Dear Boobs! Occasionally some orders may be sent by alternate means and you will not receive the link automatically. I will ensure they are tracked though. 

How long will my book take to arrive? I can’t wait to read it!

Once your order has been places it is likely to take around 10-14 working days to arrive. I am personally packing and sending the orders myself, so I will try my best to get it to you as soon as I possibly can. I know you are super excited to read it! For overseas postage at times the time frame can go over that estimated. Please let me know if you have been waiting much longer than expected! Contact me by email


Can you post to a PO Box or Private Box?

No. We can only ship to a street address. 

Returns and Refunds

My book got damaged on its way! Can you help me with that?

Oh no! I spent a lot of time researching the packaging for the books and hoped this wouldn’t happen! However, I also opted to avoid plastic so sometimes I realise books can get damaged on their journey. Tell me more about what has happened to your beautiful book and I will certainly help you out, please contact me by email

Can I talk to you about a refund please?

Pretty sure this isn’t the question you are looking and it isn't actually 'frequently asked' but if it is please contact me by email

I emailed Dear Boobs, how long until you respond?

My apologies if you are awaiting my response. I am working through my emails every day. Dear Boobs has really captured the world, so my inbox is crazy and my children and too young to rope in to help 😉. Be sure that I will get to you soon. Also, please check your junk and other folders, sometimes the word ‘boobs’ in my email address upsets a few settings and sends my responses elsewhere! Chat soon. 

Security and Privacy

Are my credit card details secure?

Probably. We don’t store any of your credit card information (that’s handled by our payment processor, one of the best in the business). Of course we will never share your personal information with anyone else. More details can be found in the Term and Conditions.

What is your privacy policy?

We will never share your information with any third party. Who is a third party? Well the first party is us, and the second party is you. So, a third party is anyone other than us and you.

I still want to know more about Dear Boobs!

Can I still send you my Dear Boobs letter?

YES! Of course. Have you been inspired by reading the book?
I have had many more Dear Boobs letters sent my way since I received the first 100 letters for the book. Perhaps we will need another book to share more, perhaps I can share your boob wisdom some other just as effective way in the future. Perhaps you just want to share it with me personally and not the world. That is wonderful too. Every women that has sent me a Dear Boobs letter has expressed positivity in how it made them feel during and after writing. I would hope this would be the same for you. There are no rules, just start Dear Boobs and see what flows out, try not to self-censor and continue until you feel done. Feel free to send it to me by email

How can I follow Dear Boobs as the boob wisdom it shares takes over the world!?

Click here

How can I contact Dear Boobs to speak at my event?

I love to share Dear Boobs and the boob wisdom it contains. Contact me and we can chat about your event by email

I work for a book store and I believe my customers would love Dear Boobs, how can I get my hands on some to share with them?

I would love to hear about your desire to share boob wisdom. If you would like to chat about purchasing a number of copies for resale, please, lets chat by email

I work for a worldwide book distribution company and would love to help to share your Dear Boobs wisdom with the entire world😉!

Well hello! I’ve been waiting patiently lol…. boob wisdom, shared, really can make a difference! I would of course love to talk! You can contact me now by email

I work for a well-known media company (I may even have contacts for Oprah 😉) and I would love to share the boob wisdom of Dear Boobs with the world! How can we connect?

Woohoo! Let’s talk. Boob wisdom shared really can make a difference and if you can help me to do that, wonderful news! Please contact me by email

I still need help with my question! I can’t find the answer here!

FAQ’s are just that. If you have a not so frequently asked question, check out the Terms and Conditions, you might find the answer there, or just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 


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